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Invitation – University of Georgia

Invitation – University of Georgia

Dear students,

Dear Professors,

We would like to inform you that at the initiative and organization of the School of Health Sciences of the University of Georgia (UG, Tbilisi) on July 13-17, 2020, will be held students national (in Georgian) and international (in English) free online pre-conference trainings: Health, Well-being and Wellness of the Society, Research Methods and Ethics in Health Sciences.

You can find the pre-conference training agenda and register for free on the website:

On July 20-24 will be held the Students’1st Intercomtinental All Free Online Conference: Off\Online Transformation – Deer Leap Towards Main Goal of Health Sciences Development and Progress: Health, Well-being and Wellness of the Society.

You can find the agenda grid and register for free on the website:

In the framework of the Intercontinental Conference the 5th UG Student Conferencewill also be held.

Intercontinental Conference materials will be published free of charge in the journal: Caucasus Journal of Health Sciethences and Public Health
Students’ scientific papers will be accepted until June 22,12:00 pm (GMT + 4) inclusive:Review article, scientific article, abstract (1 page), poster (1 page).

Scientific theme of the conference is free in the following areas of health:

Public health
Environmental health
Occupational health
Healthcare administration
Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Well-being and wellness.

According to the submitted paperswill be formed scientific tracks, a total of 28. In each 1-hour track will be heard 4 presentations of students (PhD, Master, Bachelor, or professional teaching), regulation – 7 min. plus a 5-minute discussioneach.Considering the time zones of five continents, maximum of 114 student presentations will be selected and included in the conference program.

Students left out of the program can participate in the conference as attendees.

30 scientific tracks and 2 plenary sessions (opening, evaluation) will be led by 30 volunteer speakers. Acting as speakers will be offered to professors. Criterion for selecting speakers is activity (number of students participating under his/her supervision and quality of papers).

Each speaker will have to evaluate his/her track, as well as evaluate the day with other speakers of the day.

At the closing plenary session10 evaluations will be heard. In addition to 10 presentations evaluated, written evaluations (style free)will also be received from remaining aspiring professors that will be attached to the conference resolution and will be published in the journal along with other conference materials.

Short surveyof students and professors will be conducted with an online questionnaire during the conference.

Deadline for submitting students’ scientific papers (literature review, article, abstract, poster) is June 22.

Deadline for publication of the conference program by the organizing group is July 6.

Deadline for registration of applicants for the pre-conference training is July 7.

Registration of conference participants and publication of papers in the journal is free of charge.

After the conference participants will be sent appropriate certificates by e-mail.

We hope that theStudents’ 1st IntercomtinentalAllFreeOnlineConferencewill facilitate development of health sciences, lay the foundations for further deepening our cooperation, and make Deer Leap with a joint effort for the progress towards the goal:health, well-being and wellness of the world society.

With respect and kind regards,

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