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City Internships

City Internships

City Internships

Summer 2021 programs

Admissions for our summer 2021 programs have now been open for a little over two weeks, and we have received 600% more applications compared with the same period last year.
Accordingly, I encourage students interested in joining a summer 2021 in-person program to apply sooner rather than later here:

Student aid for 2020/21
Correspondingly, we also anticipate our 2020/21 Student Aid fund to be drawn down earlier than any previous year.
And so, as well applying sooner than later, I also encourage interested students to review and secure their CI student aid awards as early as possible here:
CI Student Aid Calculator
(Our student aid, tuition rebate, and ambassador schemes, which provide non-repayable financial assistance of up to $2,013, $2,500, and $1,250 respectively, and may be combined, are applicable to all 2020/21 in-person and remote programs.)

About CI
CI creates globally engaged, career-ready graduates.
We partner with traditional educators and leading employers across the globe to help close the skill and knowledge gaps that leave almost half of recent college graduates un- and under-employed.
Our experiential education programs, which combine a proven blend of work-based training, cohort-based classes and workshops, and on-the-ground coaching, held in immersive and inspirational settings, dramatically enhance career outcomes.
Our track-record speaks volumes. CI alumni secure graduate-level employment three-times more quickly, and starting salaries 30% higher, than their peers.
CI was founded in London, England in 2011.
Today, from its HQ in Los Angeles, CA and in partnership with leading employers across the globe, CI provides immersive and transformational experiences for students and recent graduates.
CI work-based learning programs may be undertaken in-person or remotely, and during the summer or semester, with work placements with leading employers in 9 industries and 20 locations globally.

What we do
CI is an accelerated learning provider offering private post-secondary, non-degree granting, full-time immersive in-person courses that combine intensive classroom-based workshops and seminars, practical work experience-based training and a link to potential employers.
For students and recent graduates, CI’s programs provide the skills, experience and links to employers necessary to launch successful careers in today’s competitive and rapidly evolving employment landscape